Ultimate Boot CD 免費的救援光碟




Name of Tool Version License Notes
!BIOS 3.20 Freeware  


BIOS 1.35.0 Freeware  

Website says V1.35.1, but program displays V1.35.0.



KEYDisk n/a GPL  

WipeCMOS 1.2 Freeware  


CPU Burn-in 1.00 Freeware
The Linux version which is included in UBCD is at V1.00. V1.01 applies to Windows only.
CPUinfo n/a GPL

Intel Processor Frequency ID (P3 and below) 7.2.20041115 Freeware  


Intel Processor Identification Utility (P4 and above) 4.22.20100302 Freeware  

Mersenne Prime Test 24.14 Public domain  


Stress 1.00 GPL  

StressCPU (requires CPU with SSE) 2.0 Freeware  


x86test 0.10a GPL  

Boot Management
Boot Partition 2.60 Freeware  


boot.kernel.org (BKO) n/a Freeware  


EditBINI 1.01.1 Freeware

GAG (Graphical Boot Manager) 4.10 GPL  


Gujin 2.8.1 GPL  

MBRtool 2.3.100 Freeware  


MBRWork 1.07b Freeware  

netboot.me n/a Freeware  


PLoP Boot Manager 5.0.10 Freeware  

Smart BootManager 3.7.1 GPL  


SPFDISK (Special FDISK) 2000-03t Freeware  

Super Grub Disk 0.9799 GPL  


Super Grub2 Disk 1.30 GPL  

XFDISK (Extended FDISK) 0.9.3 beta Freeware  


XOSL (Extended Operating System Loader) 1.1.5 GPL  

Data Recovery
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor 080802

PhotoRec 6.12-WIP GPL
Included in Parted Magic.
TestDisk 6.12-WIP GPL  

Included in Parted Magic.

Hard Disk Information & Management
AMSET (Maxtor) 4.00 Freeware

ATA Password Tool 1.1 Freeware  


ATAINF 1.3 Freeware  

Change Definition Utility (for Fujitsu M16xx/M2915 HDDs) n/a Freeware  


DiskCheck 3.8 Freeware  

DISKINFO 1.02 Freeware  


ESFeat (ExcelStor) 2.30 Freeware  

Feature Tool (IBM/Hitachi) 2.15 Freeware  


SMARTUDM 2.00 Freeware  

UATA100 (Seagate) 3.06 Freeware  


UDMA Utility (for Fujitsu MPD/MPE/MPF series HDDs) n/a Freeware  

UDMA Utility (for Fujitsu MPG series HDDs) n/a Freeware  


Ultra ATA Manager (Western Digital) June, 2003 Freeware  

Hard Disk Diagnosis
ATA Diagnostic Tool (Fujitsu) 7.0 Freeware  


DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital) 4.15 Freeware
V5.x has been reported not to work on some older machines, so V4.15 has been included as a backup.
DLG Diagnostic (Western Digital) 5.04f Freeware

Drive Fitness Test (IBM/Hitachi) 4.16 Freeware  


ES-Tool (Samsung) 3.00g Freeware  

ESTest (ExcelStor) 4.50 Freeware  


GWSCAN (Gateway) 3.15 Freeware  

For IDE hard drives 10GB or smaller.

GWSCAN (Gateway) 5.12 Freeware
For IDE hard drives larger than 10GB.
HDAT2 4.7.1 Freeware  

HUTIL (Samsung) 1.21 Freeware
From soeren: “HUTIL 2.00 lacks the possibility to view the SMART values and it appears to be a lot slower than 1.21. It’s only needed for the newest Samsung drives, the “older" ones still work with 1.21."
HUTIL (Samsung) 2.10 Freeware  

MHDD32 4.5 Freeware  


MHDD32 4.6 Freeware  

PowerMax (Maxtor/Quantum) 4.09 Freeware  


PowerMax (Maxtor/Quantum) 4.23 Freeware  

SCSIMax (Maxtor/Quantum) 1.21 Freeware  


SeaTools for DOS (Seagate/Maxtor) 2.20 Freeware  

SeaTools for DOS (Seagate/Maxtor) 1.10 Freeware  


SHDIAG (Samsung) 1.25 Freeware  

ViVARD 0.4 Freeware
The official website is down. Various third party websites claim to have V1.0, but is actually V0.4.
Hard Disk Cloning
CopyWipe 1.14 Freeware  


EaseUs Disk Copy 2.3 Freeware

g4u 2.4 BSD  


HDClone (Free Edition) 3.9.2 Freeware  

partimage 0.6.8 beta 1 GPL
Included in Parted Magic.
Partition Saving 3.80 Freeware  

PC INSPECTOR clone-maxx 1.0 Freeware  


Hard Disk Low-Level Editing
Disk Editor 3.0 Freeware  


DISKMAN4 4.01 Freeware

DiskSpy Free Edition (Personal use only) 2.0 Freeware  


PTS DiskEditor 1.04 Freeware  

Hard Disk Wiping
Active@ KillDisk Free Edition 4.1.2393 Freeware
Free Edition. Supports “One Pass Zeros" method only. Note that KillDisk V5.x is Windows only.
CopyWipe 1.14 Freeware  


Darik’s Boot and Nuke beta.2007042900 GPL

Fujitsu Erase Utility n/a Freeware  


HDDErase 4.0 Freeware  

MAXLLF (Maxtor) 1.1 Freeware  


PC INSPECTOR e-maxx 0.95 Freeware  

Actual version is 0.95 Build 775, but is referred to as 1.0 on product website.

SUTIL (Samsung) 1.01 Freeware  


Hard Disk Installation
Data Lifeguard Tools (Western Digital) 11.2 Freeware  


DiscWizard 2003 (Seagate) 10.45.06 Freeware

DiscWizard (Seagate/Maxtor) 10.0.5077 Freeware
MaxBlast V5.0 is essentially the same thing i.e. OEM version of Acronis TrueImage. Startup Recovery Manager not included. Didn’t see much use for it on the bootable CD, plus it can be activated in the Win32 program itself if required, or you can copy over the “Recovery Manager" folder youself.
Disk Manager (Samsung) 10.42 Freeware  

MaxBlast (Maxtor) 4.0 Freeware  


Partition Management
Cute Partition Manager 0.9.8 Freeware  



Free FDISK 1.3.1 GPL  


GParted 0.5.2 GPL  

Included in Parted Magic.

Partition Resizer 1.3.4 Freeware  


Partition Saving 3.80 Freeware  

PTDD Super Fdisk 1.0 Freeware  


Ranish Partition Manager 2.40 Freeware  

Using stable version because V2.44 is beta and reported to be buggy.

SPFDISK (Special FDISK) 2000-03t Freeware  


XFDISK (Extended FDISK) 0.9.3 beta Freeware  

Memtest86 3.5 GPL  


Memtest86+ 4.10 GPL  


TestMemIV n/a Freeware

Windows Memory Diagnostic n/a UBCD Only  


AVIRA AntiVir Rescue System 3.6.9-20100512182845 Freeware  


FileLink 3.01 Freeware
This program is part of Caldera OpenDOS V7.03.
Parted Magic 4.10 GPL
Full list of programs can be found here
UBCD FreeDOS (Based on NwDsk V3.40) R1.41  


Based on NwDsk V3.40.
ATAPI CDROM Identification 2.22 Freeware

CD Index 1.1 Freeware  


CHZ Monitor-Test 2.0 Freeware  

Parallel Port Information System 1.45 Freeware  


AIDA16 2.14

ASTRA (Demo version) 5.45 14-day Demo  

Hardware Detection Tool 0.3.6 GPL  


NSSI 0.60.38 Freeware  

PC-Config 9.33 Freeware
PCI 1.1 Freeware  

pcidevs.txt: 22-01-2008

PCISniffer 1.5 Freeware  


System Speed Test 32 4.78 Freeware  




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