Howto setup Chromium to open torrent files with specific application/client without GNOME or KDE on gentoo linux


If you use fluxbox or some other lightweight window manager you probably wanna know howto set up the correct file associations to be able to open torrent files with the correct client. The easiest way is to use xdg-mime.

Xdg-mime is a tool for getting, setting file permissions … you can get the current program associated with *.torrent files by typing;

xdg-mime query default application/x-bittorrent

If the result is not good for you, you can easily change the default app /in our example we’ll use deluge/ for the current filetype with this command;

xdg-mime default deluge.desktop application/x-bittorrent

And of course chech again if the result is what you want. So now you can donwload some torrent file with Chromiumand after that you can just open it – with our default application deluge.

Thus you can set up your preferred applications for every filetype.




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