cygwin install cron rsync and exim ,to execute scheduled command backup files to remote rsyncd server and notifies log by mail

You know to install  application on cygwin,we must to run cygwin-setup.exe , then selected these applications (tools) we want and reinstall cygwin .

now we launch cygwin console to settting cron exim and edit a script to backup files to remote machine by rysnc command.


cygwin setting cron_schedule and list it

edit backup script file:


backup script of context like follow:

rsync -arv --password-file=/home/Administrator/rsyncd.secrets /cygdrive/d/ThunderBirdMail/Mail autobackup@

rsync’s password-file been save on /home/Administrator/rsyncd.secrets .
And remember to change permission to 600 for this file. The password-file of context just only one line string that password of rsync’s user.


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