RAID starting at md127 instead of md0

This seems to be a “feature" of the mdadm in the newest kernel. There was another thread with similar symptoms recently.
For reasons I do not yet understand, mdadm seems to invent an array device name out of thin air when there is a problem. This confuses everybody. md127 seems to be a common name it now chooses.

Two things seem to be important:

1) The ARRAY statement in mdadm.conf needs to be correct. I am not convinced the direct output of mdadm -Es is reliable anymore. Especially the name directive. Mine broke because I had a space in the name!
So I would try minimizing the specifiers in your ARRAY statements: all you normally need is device name and UUID:
ARRAY /dev/md0 UUID=e4665ceb:15f8e4b6:b186d497:7d365254
And there seems to be some change to do with /dev/md/* and /dev/md* which I don’t yet understand.
2) You need to update initramfs so it contains your mdadm.conf settings during boot.
sudo update-initramfs -u

最好在建立完陣列後,就將設定寫入到 /etc/mdadm /mdadm.conf 。並且注意是否指定的裝置名稱是否正確。



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