how to find out lvm Invalid snapshot ?

If we use crontab to make snapshot for lvm, we maybe check snapshot ofen. Does snapshot had out of size ? And how to know which snapshot had out of size ?

The next sample code can do it.

# work fine on centos
lvs -o lv_path,snap_percent|awk '{if($2==100.00){print $1;}}'

# work fine on ubuntu
lvs -o vg_name,lv_name,snap_percent|awk '{if($3==100.00){print $1/$2;}}'

use -o option to show column only lv_path and snap_percent then use awk to find snapshot path that had 100.00 percent.  But I can find option lv_path on ubuntu,so I use vg_name,lv_name columns to show path.

We can also autoremove the Invalid snapshots.

# work on centos
lvs -o lv_path,snap_percent|awk '{if($2==100.00){print $1;}}'|xargs -l lvremove -f

#work on ubutnu
lvs -o vg_name,lv_name,snap_percent|awk '{if($3==100.00){print $1/$2;}}'|xargs -l lvremove -f


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