Get Usb-Device’s Serial Number with usb-devices command

If we want to find out the usb-storage device’s serialnumber,we can use usb-devices command to do it. usb-devices command been include in 「usbutils」 package.

And Run command like this 「usb-devices | grep usb-storage -B7」. It will show infor about all usb-storage on machine.

jerry@jerry-P5Q-office:~$ usb-devices |grep usb-storage -B7
T:  Bus=01 Lev=01 Prnt=01 Port=00 Cnt=01 Dev#= 14 Spd=480 MxCh= 0
D:  Ver= 2.00 Cls=00(>ifc ) Sub=00 Prot=00 MxPS=64 #Cfgs=  1
P:  Vendor=0402 ProdID=5661 Rev=00.02
S:  Manufacturer=Transcend
S:  Product=T.sonic 310
S:  SerialNumber=10001000100000000013
C:  #Ifs= 1 Cfg#= 1 Atr=80 MxPwr=500mA
I:  If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 2 Cls=08(stor.) Sub=06 Prot=50 Driver=usb-storage



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