What is this dm-0 device?

It’s part of the device mapper in the kernel, used by LVM. Use 「dmsetup ls」 to see what is behind it.

jerry@jerry-P5Q-office:~$ sudo dmsetup ls
vg01-nis--server	(252, 3)
vg01-winxp	(252, 8)
vg01-drbl--server	(252, 2)
vg01-DiskNTFS001	(252, 1)
vg01-bt5	(252, 5)
vg01-windows2003os	(252, 0)
vg01-windows7	(252, 4)
vg01-Nagios	(252, 6)

You can map them using:

jerry@jerry-P5Q-office:~$ sudo lvdisplay|awk '/LV Name/{n=$3} /Block device/{d=$3; sub(".*:","dm-",d); print d,n;}'
dm-0 /dev/vg01/windows2003os
dm-1 /dev/vg01/DiskNTFS001
dm-2 /dev/vg01/drbl-server
dm-3 /dev/vg01/nis-server
dm-4 /dev/vg01/windows7
dm-5 /dev/vg01/bt5
dm-6 /dev/vg01/Nagios
dm-8 /dev/vg01/winxp



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