How to completely remove xfce4(xubuntu-desktop) package

xfce4 itself is a meta-package that will install a default configured xfce desktop environment.

In most cases the base files that comes with xfce4 are:

xfconf, xfce4-utils, xfwm4, xfce4-session, thunar, xfdesktop4, exo-utils

So you can do

sudo apt-get purge xfconf xfce4-utils xfwm4 xfce4-session thunar xfdesktop4 exo-utils xfce4-panel xfce4-terminal

Then most of the package that were associated with these package become autoremovable so you can run

sudo apt-get autoremove


Almost all xfce4 package depend upon libxfce4util-common. Just purge that one and you remove everything related to xfce



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