WHAT IS SPICE ? qemu-kvm 聲音輸出、剪貼簿共用

From: http://spice-space.org/page/Main_Page

What is Spice?

SPICE (the Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments) is a remote-display system built for virtual environments which allows users to view a computing “desktop" environment – not only on its computer-server machine, but also from anywhere on the Internet and using a wide variety of machine architectures.

about this wiki

With this wiki the Spice team hopes to make it easier to let contributors add their knowledge and help the Spice project. Feel free to edit or add new pages related to Spice, or just search for answer to your questions. This wiki is a source for users and developers documentation and everybody is welcome to improve it.

This Wiki is not intended for the asking of support questions. If you have questions, please refer the support page on Spice site.

Some starting points: (in addition see menu above)

讓 qemu-kvm 虛擬機器,可以主客端共用剪貼簿、客端可以輸出聲音..等等。SPICE 可以搞定這一切。




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