vim 編輯文件時,每行後面總有個錢字符號「$」


Dollar sign at the end of every line

I am relatively new to Vim and am planning to code and learn Ruby on it. But whenever I start the Vim (e.g. vim LearnRuby.rb), a dollar sign appears at every line. I am wondering what’s it all about.

:set nolist

will turn off special characters for the current buffer, such as tabs being presented as ^I and end of line characters showing up as $.

However, if it’s doing that consistently when you run vim, you need to look into your .vimrc (or other startup file where applicable) and find out what’s doing the set list that causes it.

在 vim 執行「:set list!」命令,切換顯示或隱藏這一些特殊字元。